If you had met me 25 years ago you would have been really surprised to find me as an early childhood director. At that time I was still living in England and teaching high school chemistry, working with teens was my passion. I really hadn’t had very much contact with young children (they scared me) until my eldest child was born, the nurse at the maternity hospital taught me how to change my first nappy (diaper).

My second child was born and shortly before her second birthday we relocated from Cambridge England to Goldboro NC, for the first two years I did not have a work permit so I did lots of volunteering with the children’s ministry at my church, science teaching in the public school system and teaching adults to read.

Two years later we relocated as a family to Chapel Hill, my youngest child was about to join the Binkley Preschool program, they just happened to have an open position for an assistant teacher in the two year old classroom and so I applied for it, why not I was going to be dropping off a child there every day, I might meet some other Moms and earn a little money. I got the job and I loved it! Young children are so spontaneous, generous with affection and curious about the world. I went back to school and retrained to be an early childhood teacher, then took my administration classes so that I could begin my journey as a director.

Since that time I have worked in Missouri, Germany, California and North Carolina, I’m still really passionate about early childhood education, I see the tremendous benefits that are provided by enrolling a child in a high quality program. I understand the challenges of being a working parent and I am honored that families trust me and ask my advice. Being a classroom teacher is not for everyone, I am looking forward to building a team of talented and nurturing people who will partner with you to provide exceptional care for your child.